Dynamic Fighting Rifle

This class will be a day of Fun and safety with a huge amount of movement. Moving and shooting, Shooting moving targets, Shooting while moving, and more team tactics. We will require that you demonstrate that you can do these things safely by attending one of the other rifle classes this year.

This class is designed around the AR/AK rifles but you can shoot this class with any quality rifle you choose. This is a chance to test your system to see if it works the way you planed.

What you will need:

  • At least 300 rounds of rifle ammo and 50 rounds of pistol ammo
    *No green tip, steel core, or perpetrator ammo will be allowed..
  • Bring your carry pistol.
  • Rifle with sling.
  • Ammo carriers.( Dump pouch is also good)
  • A hat or cap is suggested.
  • Crew neck shirt is suggested.
  • Knee and elbow pads are suggested.
  • And bring your cheery attitude.

The class will be held at the PMAA (Hendrickson) Range in Parleys Canyon (I80), Exit 134 (UT-65 N to East Canyon) (map), Utah. The class will be limited so first come first served basis. Cost: $150. Men and women are invited.

Call Brant Taylor at (801) 981-1932 or email me at Brant@TaylorGunsmithing.com to register and for more information.

Brant Taylor

Dynamic Fighting Rifle Class
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